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Welcome in this, pretty special Practice Makes Perfect where we’re gonna try and upgrade the mastery of a language., No, not your tongue Jean-Kevin.. I just took a level test that told me my level of English is B1, which is clearly not amazing.

. This English test, created by Cambridge University, is an excellent way of evaluating your English level for free. According to the Common European Framework of References for languages., I’m gonna give you the link for the test in the description.

. Basically, I’m gonna test, my English level to see my current level and I’ll. Do it again in two weeks. To see if it’s possible to go from basic fluency to perfect fluency. Tristan? I think you ‘

Ll, get a 12 Buddy, Yes easy out of 25.. I think you’ll, get like 9/20. Buddy. I think if you’re at level B1., While for me you’re, like A1 …. No way … No …, Not possible. Buddy. Is it so funny to make fun of people like that Tristan? How do I do to make a video with you where you’re supposed to give me advice, Level? A2, .

.. khey.. We’re, going to practice every day with the app Rosetta Stone which I’ll talk to you about at the end of the video to see if it’s possible to get a better grade in a few days.. In contrast to all of my other Practices, it’s, not really entertaining to watch a Youtuber say sentences in English laid in his bed.

. So I thought I’d, use this video to give you all of my tips. So you can practice in a more clever way., The best method. For me, in order to learn how to speak, English is to study all of the irregular verbs flix flax flux.

, In addition to all of the possible tenses present, future past imperative and so forth., And to learn all of this by heart on a vacation workbook.. This is, as you can imagine, completely false.. As you know, if you follow me a bit, there are a lot of English words that pop in my vocabulary.

*Welcome to the unknown*. Simply because I can speak English., I’m, not fluent. I speak basic English, which means I’m, able to fend for myself in an English speaking country. I’ve, already been there, notably 3 months in Bangkok.

While I was a model 2 months in L.A during a vacation – and I love to speak in English. Anyway, I know I can speak English because I often have discussions with native people. ANYWAY.. You often ask me how I did to speak good English, and what are my advice to you, so we’re gonna go through several tips that will allow you, I hope, to improve your English skills and why not your skills in another language, Since the method is more or less the same.

And the same way, I really like this pun. I think the best way for you to learn a language is to have no choice but to make yourself understood. Force yourself to speak in English as much as you can, as often as you can.

, And sometimes you can decide by yourself and be like & quot. Okay for 1 hour, I’m, not speaking in French at all., I’m thinking. English, I’m speaking English. I’m breathing English.. Knowing that these tips I’m, giving you are my personal ways.

Like I could tell you to read: books go to school and so on., But I’m. Just gonna tell you how I did and how people around me, who also speak good English, advise you to do., But these are only our personal tips.

. One of the nicest things about you forcing yourself to speak in English, is that you ‘ Ll, realize your own pronunciation, grammatical, conjugation errors and others’errors as well. *French movie*.

Your behavior is not fair*. *Who said that* Because they ‘ Ll automatically answer you in English. If you come to them in English and I don’t know it’s, just funny, for example, to go to the restaurant and say, And the waiter will be surprised, thinking & quot.

Ah shit, he’s, an English speaker & quot and will say, And it progressively will make you understand a lot of stuff.. Personally, I often switch and start speaking English, mainly when I’m at a party and I wan na change.

Dynamics. As soon as I’m, a little fed up or bored and it’s, not & quot, Salut c’est. Tristan, je fais des vidéos sur Youtube & quot anymore. It’s And everything gets different. Everything changes. The way people come to.

You is different. The way people answer you is different. Your topics of discussion are different. And I think it’s really powerful how you can go from a lame party with a lame vibe to a super cool moment and educational that will allow you to improve your skills in the language you want.

, You Feel me: Another option you can implement, for this tip is to change the language of your phone.. Of course, you know what it’s like when you go on Instagram, but when you see that it’s, written & quot New message & quot.

Instead of & quot Nouveau message & quot & quot, Storage & quot becomes & quot Storage & quot and everything.. Well, you’re gonna assimilate this without even realizing it.. It’ll happen in your unconscious.

, So tip n°1 Force yourself to speak in English and potentially switch the language of your phone.. Yes, I’m, clearly laid down on a bench at the airfield between two parachute jumps. Everything’s, okay.

Simply make friends. From the US UK, Australia, whatever you want., Go and meet people Wow Asian eyes, and the sun don’t get along. Today with Instagram Tiktok Youtube. You can’t tell me it’s, hard to meet foreigners.

And simply try and talk to them. Talk more than simply It’s called the small talk.. No one cares about what your parents do for a living and what you did today Personally, when I wan na know someone I wan na know & quot, Who are you & quot? You know inside.

, No small talk.. If you make friends, you’re supposed to talk to them about everything. Your projects, your love life, your breakups, your pain, your discomforts. What makes you happy what you like to do All of this.

And when you find the vocabulary to talk to them about what you’re, really passionate about bingo it’s, gonna be easy. Initially, as you know, I was working In sports I’m, a sports coach and I wrote a 500 pages book about the lies of fitness, which is still available.

Everywhere.. It’s for everyone who wants to gain muscle who has just begun working out or even for those of you who are already advanced and want to know more. You know where to look for *BUY * And before the only things I read were about sports nutrition, fitness, personal growth and everything was in English.

So since I was passionate, I automatically read things in English: listen to things in English and I wanted to talk about it. You know And doing that I developed my vocabulary about these topics.. I knew vocabulary in sports sciences and nutrition and so on, and when I talked about these topics with other passionate people in English, it was easy.

. You feel me And if you really don’t have any friends … take a curly *French chips, ad* For real you, don’t, have any excuse, because even if you can’t make friends or if you can’t find people right now to discuss with them.

There are a lot of websites like this this this or this or apps like that or that and which simply allow you to find pen pals.. He wants to learn French. You want to learn English win, win, everybody’s happy and that’s it.

, And if you follow the logic, the most hardcore step about this first tip about forcing yourself to speak, English would be to go live abroad for an extended Period of time., It may be a few days a few weeks or a few months, but the goal is simply to be forced to speak this language, you’re trying to learn.

, And for me that’s. What happened when I spend 3 months in Bangkok modeling, while I’d, just turned 19 and my English was nothing like. It is today. And it was a constant freestyle to try and make me understood.

In a country where they don ‘ T speak your language and they speak another language with the accent of another language.. It was really like that. Anyway. All of those tips were part of tip number 1 about doing everything you could and forcing you to speak English.

. Another piece of advice I find interesting is watching all of your movies and series in English with English subs.. Let’s. Take the example of one of your favorite movies that you should know you more or less know what the characters say and when they say it.

. So if you switch to English, you already know what’s. Gon na happen, when you’re gonna hear them communicate, use certain words, idioms or turns of phrase which can be unusual since from a language to another.

Some sentences can’t be translated and there are different ways of saying things.. It’s. Gon na make you assimilate vocabulary. You know. All of you Pottereds, for example, can watch all of the movies in English, since you know them by heart.

And it’s. The best way for you to learn a lot of new words. And step by step. You can start watching new movies or series or new documentaries than you. Don’t know yet that you can discover.. There will be words.

You won’t understand, but you ‘ Ll understand the sentence in general because you’ll get used to it., And if you see that after hearing the word 3 or 4 times you still don’t understand it. You can still check Google Trad at the same time.

, And I think that in order to understand it’s, one of the best things to do., Which is my favorite one, because that’s. How I learned most of my English. It’s simply to listen to the lyrics of your favorite songs.

And that’s. A thing I’ve, never been told.. By the way. I have a story about it. Right before I take my English exam, which I got a 18/20 for by the way the highest score. I got. The day before I was in the school library, with my headphone listening to some Rihanna song, and I was like felling.

It you know., And I was reading the lyrics. You know on Youtube. There are lyrics videos and some guy who worked there arrived behind me and shut down. My computer., He told me & quot, You’re, not here, to listen to music & quot and was like & quot No, but I was working & quot And he told me & quot.

Don’t mess with me. You were listening to music & quot and I was like & quot. Yes, I’m studying, while listening to music. & quot, He didn’t, believe me and it pissed me off, because I was really working.

When you read the lyrics to a song, you already know you already know it and you’re already singing like It doesn’t. Take you a lot to sing. You know what I mean You’re, just putting words on the & quot Na na na & quot.

You’ve got in your head. And you unconsciously already know the words. If it’s, your favorite song., You see there, you have your top 25. Most listened to songs. You take one randomly you put the lyrics next to it and simply sing.

At one point you won ‘ T need the lyrics anymore. Everything will be in your head and everything happening in the song will be engraved in you.. Actually, you can’t be wrong using the lyrics of a song 99 % of the time.

. If you don’t, listen to like & quot Wejdene & quot, with sentences where the verb is missing or something Big up, Wejdene.. Well, the grammatical structures you’re gonna learn will be correct.

And instead of saying I don’t know, for example, you know in the song they say You’re gonna realize that & quot, ain’t & quot is a negation And for the story, when I got 18/20 at my exam, was simply because I wrote the lyrics from this song from Musiq Soulchild called & quot, Just Friends & quot, The assignment was & quot.

You’re on the street, you meet a girl and you have to go talk to her & quot. Basically, you have to kinda go hit on her. And bro. I swear to you. I re-wrote this song word by word. Like I was vibing during my exam.

Yo girl. I just met you, I need to … and it was a fucking copy-paste of this song. Guys I got 18/20. You know., I’m, not telling you to copy sentences you hear, but if you learn the lyrics to your favorite songs, you’ll instinctively learn the grammatical structures, the idioms things you can say.

I things you can’t because some sentences can’t be translated.. We don’t. Have the translation to this & quot All the way up & quot in French. & quot, Tout le chemin en haut & quot? No, it’s, lame doesn’t mean anything.

, The more you sing, your favorite songs, the more you learn all of these idioms. All of these turns of phrase. And all of those shortcuts.. Personally, I listen to Drake a lot. And Drake likes to shorten some words and & quot, create & quot others.

. You won’t have to doubt, while speaking with someone and you’ll naturally use sayings that are correct. And that’s it for my favorite tip.. I’ve, been switching spot since the beginning of the video, but I’m good here, so I’m gonna stay here.

For this 4th tip it’s. The classic & quot read books & quot, But remixed my way, because I don’t have time to read books to chill and not move for 3hours.. If you love to read, obviously read books and read them in English: it’ll.

Naturally help you and it’s, a classic piece of advice, so I won’t address it for too long. What I would recommend if you don’t have time or simply don’t like to read. Watch Youtube videos in English; listen to podcasts in English, about things you’re, passionate about.

When it’s, your passion you already want to learn. Here’s, written & quot, Still, learning & quot, and here & quot Growth & quot And the question does not arise when it’s, something I love and that I wan na learn.

I’ll. Try to read it even if it’s written in Thai., I’ll. Try to understand and to learn about it. Don’t, learn silly things that won’t be useful ever. Like sorry, but things like & quot, Bryan’s in the kitchen & quot are not what will allow you to Talk share and learn the language.

, Not deeply.. A lot of you ask me about my inspirations. Here are a few examples of what I listen to and watch in English about sports and nutrition. Here are other examples about mindset.. Then there’s, no secret.

You need to practice practice and practice.. Mr. Fombonne’s here there’s, no need to introduce him on this channel. You already saw him everywhere, here. And it’s because of him, or thanks to him that we’re here, getting out of planes doing backflips.

Another tip when it comes to podcasts and youtube videos., Antoine Being in contact with a language. Every day is really important.. You may have already said it, but for me a language is & quot, Use it or lose it & quot.

You might practice a language for months and think you ‘ Ve mastered it. If you suddenly stop practicing and lose contact with the logic of the language progressively, since you don’t need it anymore, your brain will get rid of the synaptic connections and habits of the use of this language and grammatical gymnastic that you don’t use anymore, and you’re gonna lose it.

. The goal is to try as much as possible and as often as possible to stay in contact with the language. It doesn’t have to be 1h a day, but simply small exposures and signals.. A simple thing to do that.

I don’t know. All of you are probably on Instagram. If you’re following Tristan, for example, you can have access to linguists for free and to content in a language you’re interested in for free in one click.

. You want to learn English well. Follow Joe Delaney Steve Cook. Follow any athlete you like who inspires you or any guy., Tristan Artist, actor, musician, anything., Antoine Anybody. If this person writes with intelligence and without too many errors, because of course it can happen, the content is not verified by any editorial secretary.

It won’t, be like magazines and so on., But it can be very useful. And without knowing it by reading 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 captions of pictures on Instagram watching stories listening to people talking it’s really important.

The language gymnastic is gonna get into your head., All of the idiomatic phrases that we use that we don’t automatically study in college school or in books. You’re gonna learn how people your age talk, how they interact within their social groups, etc.

And it’s, really valuable and useful. Tristan. As I said earlier, watch what you’re, passionate about and watch people who inspire you and who you’re, passionate about., If possible, speaking the language you want to learn and it’ll be easy.

. Mr. Fombonne is fluent in a lot of languages. How many do you have Well fluent is a big word. Tristan. I’m fluent in French English and Spanish. A little bit of Russian from my adventures in ex URSS, Khazakstan, Russia and so on.

. A little bit of Thai since my travels in Asia and since I’ve, been actively learning, it., Tip n°4 *5*. It can be nice to simply learn and take classes. Antoine. It’s silly, but a lot of people today with the dynamics of the social networks, think they can claim to be multilingual in a snap.

. Unless you’re, an autodidact which I am but even being really autodidact, you can never get all of the subtleties of the language gymnastic all of the grammatical aspects. How to handle certain tones of the language things we can’t learn into the books.

, Maybe for Latin languages. For us, the languages we’re familiar with. If you already speak a little Spanish, it would be relatively easy to learn Portuguese or Italian, but for a French speaker trying to learn Russian Thai Chinese or Japanese, it gonna be a lot harder.

And in order for me to learn Thai again now I have A teacher and I have 2hours of classes per week.. It’s, an amazing asset, because, thanks to her, I managed to master linguistic subtleties, which I’ve, been guessing or not really, understanding for 10years.

Now that I’ve been in contact with Thai., When you have a teacher. Well, you have a question. You ask it to her. She explains why the context she gives you the construction and logic of what you’ve, been struggling with and, after everything seems easier.

, Tristan, Yes, and it’s, an investment.. You invest your time and money, but at the end of the day it’s, one of the most optimal decisions you could make. If you really want to upgrade your skills in a language.

. Personally, I’ve, never taken an English class because I’ve always been able to get it on my own, but it’s. Why? I make a lot of silly mistakes which I could avoid. If I’d optimized, my learning process.

, It depends on if you wan na, be fluent or perfect bilingual. If you’re working in marketing and you need a great vocabulary to write professional e-mails or if you just want to speak basic English, to be able to hang in London or L.

A, you know., Antoine Also the synergy of being in a country and Practicing the language and take lessons at the same time, which is what I was doing when I was in Khazakstan it’s amazing., You’re in a country all day long.

You get smashed by linguists who are native and who you don’t understand facing the traffic signs when you’re driving. All of the instructions are in the local language, Russian. For me, at the time. And in the evening you take a 2hours class with a teacher and everything you’ve encountered throughout the day.

Comes back in your head.. You’re like & quot Right at noon. Some guy told me this & quot. I used to write everything down. I had a dictating machine.. The bodyguards in front of the embassy told me *Russian sentence*.

. I was like & quot. What does it mean & quot? I recorded it and in the evening I showed it to my teacher and she told me & quot. It means this and it’s used in that context. He told you that, because you’re younger than him* Anyway, it’s extremely enlightening and interesting.

, Tristan And in the evening you go to the restaurant. And after that you go out and you practice what you’ve. Just learned and it’s, one of the last things I wrote on my paper before intellectualizing things.

You need to understand them and once you’ve understood and felt these things it’s way easier to intellectualize them. Instead of doing the opposite., Unfortunately it’s. Often what we’re, told in class like & quot, Shut up and learn your irregular verbs and conjugation & quot.

You don’t understand any of it, but you have to learn it. And it’s way harder to do it that way.. So first, you have to feel then practice and then Thank you boy for your happening.. I’ll. Leave you to your backflips up in the air.

Antoine. I’m, leaving like this … For you. It’s been a few seconds, but for me, a few days since the last rush., I think it’s time for me to introduce the sponsor of this video who’s, one of the leader apps when it comes To learning languages.

, It allows you to learn within one app 24 languages.. This is a pretty cool ratio.. This app is Rosetta Stone and I’ve, been using it for 16 days every single day. I take my little lessons. Every day I receive a notification at midnight when I’m in bed like & quot.

Hey you didn’t. Take your lessons today & quot. I’m like & quot. Ah, yes, right & quot, So I thought I’d, start my little vocabulary or pronunciation lessons and shoot for 15 days. In order to become bilingual, hoping I can become bilingual within 15 days.

, Which happens to be a little harder. Then I thought. For shorter Rosetta Stone has been live for longer than I’ve, been on this little Earth and it’s. A really cool app, which is gonna. Allow you to learn a lot of languages in a super intuitive and immersive way.

, Meaning that you won ‘ T have to translate sentences word by word. You won’t have to learn any irregular verb or lame and boring syntax, and none of those things I’ve, never liked. As you understood there’s a lot.

I didn’t like in school.. Basically, it’s like a game for babies, in the way that you have to connect images with words in given situations. And if you sign up and tick the box & quot Travel & quot. Well, you’ll, learn everything linked to travel.

. For example, you’re lost in the airport. Looking for a hotel, you need to speak with a stewardess. You’re, trying to get the train schedule and connections and so on.. If you sign up for business matter, you’re gonna have to ask your boss for a rise or solve a bit more technical issues.

. Anyway, it’s meant for everyone, and the learning method is super cool.. Furthermore, thanks to the mic of your phone, you’ll, be able to speak. The app is gonna smash you in the face. If you make pronunciation errors, if your accent or intonation are bad.

And it’s really cool, because as Antoine was saying earlier, when you’re learning, a language it’s, Use it or Lose it., And I’m: not a fan of these methods that only make you progress in terms of writing but with which, in the end, your speaking skills are shit.

. For those of you who wish to go further, you can check the first link in the bio, which gives you a 50 % discount on your premium subscription.. So if you want to invest in learning a new language, you know what to do.

. This being said, fam’thanks for watching. I hope this video was useful to you.. I almost forgot the final test, because at this point we could’ve, forgotten that this video was about my own progression.

. So I took the test again, which told me my level is now B2 keeping in mind that those are not official tests. They only allow you to have an idea of your level among an overall average., But we can see there was an improvement and that’s.

What we’re looking for with these Practice, Makes Perfect videos.. If we went from B1 to B2 in two weeks. It means that we potentially can go from B2 to C1 in two weeks and maybe after from C1 to C2, which is the level meaning you’re, officially bilingual.

, So I’m, still not bilingual with two weeks of practice, but at Least I progressed and that’s. What we’re, looking for., See you next Sunday at 8pm for a big big, big video AKA 72h to be able to skydive on my own

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