Apprendre l’anglais américain: L’argot américain

Hi everyone: what’s up? I hope you’re doing well. I’m Yoann and you are on my channel my life in the USA. We’re here today with the one you all love. I don’t have to introduce you LISA Lisa is here today.

As always, How are you Lisa good? You were not saying anything so …. Yes, I’m. Ok, so Lisa is here today in order to to share her knowledge about the U.S.A. She is one of your favorite American girls.

So in today’s. Video I’m, going to learn how to speak American. I speak English, but Lisa told me that there were words, slang, everyday life, words that I don’t know, and I’m sure it’s. True. So what do you have a list? Yes, I made a list with 10 words.

I have 10 English words and we are going to play a game and you are going to win one point. If you can guess the word – and I win one point: if you can’t, there are 10 words, so we’ll, see who wins at the end.

I have faith in my American knowlege. I hope I’ll have as many points as possible. So Lisa will tell me the word and I’ll. Try to guess the meaning. Can I ask you a sentence if I don’t know. Ok, if I have no clue she & # 39, ll use the word in a sentence.

Let’s. Do it the first word. I have heard it before. Yes, but it is vague. Is it like turnt …, like I’m, very happy excited for something. Can I make a sentence? I give you one point a sentence with turnt.

It means if you are getting ready for going out or a party it’s for something like that. In other words, are you & quot hot & quot, ( pumped/turnt ) for tonight? So I have one point. Second word: it’s, an expression.

I know it, for example, when something is on fleek. Like my eyebrows, your eyebrows are on fleek like they are perfect. Most of the time it’s for the physical appearance, make up hair clothes. That’s, it something great physical appearance or make up 2 points.

3Rd word. I have heard it before I can’t find an expression. Can you make a sentence with it? Is it like telling someone mean words? You are a little bit mean yes, it means I’m happy and you attack me.

Imagine the sun and you put me in the shade. Ok, like you are super happy for something, and I stop you. We could say in French & quot. Why do you break my fun & quot, like you are very happy for something and I come up with a comment and it stops everything.

Imagine I’m singing and you’re like & quot, but you can’t sing & quot next word 4th word in the word. There is & quot sip & quot and & quot tipsy & quot, maybe like I had one sip and I’m tipsy ( French translation of sip and tipsy ), but it’s, not that I’m wrong.

It’s, not something you automatically say it’s more, like a gesture. If someone is telling you gossip and something like that and you don’t want to be a part of it be in the story, but usually I have a mug, but sometimes if I see someone who’s doing it, I’ll, say & quot sips tea & quot, you don’t want to be a part of this story.

We count the points 3-1 5th expression. Can you make a sentence with it? No point for that. Lisa gets a 2nd point for that. Like you’re on fleek, yes, it’s, another way to say that oo. I love something like you would say in French .

.., but it means like. I really love your outfit. For instance, 3. -2 6th word. It’s like do you like it or naa it’s, a negation. I’m, going to give you half a point for that because it’s a negation. But I’m, the one who says it.

It’s like & quot or not & quot, but it’s just the way to pronounce it instead of & quot or not & quot & quot or nah & quot. 7Th word, I know FOMO. Yes, I’m, proud of you. For example, there is you, don &, # 39 t want to go out to a party, and you know that your friends are going there and you don’t wan na go, but you are scared to miss something.

So it’s. Fomo, you are scared to miss something, so you go to the party. Yes, I think you are going to win now. It’s, impossible 8th word. I know you know it. I think it’s. One of the 1st words I learnt it’s, hard to explain, for example, someone dressed .

.. not badly, but someone who’s a little bit vulgar, in other words, not classy. It’s, not a word this time. It’s, an expression I don’t know. I only know the literal meaning I don’t know the slang. Ok, I won one point for Lisa: it’s when someone is showing off but isn’t right and you’re like & quot, take a seat & quot.

You’re, not as cool as you think. Like calm down 10th word, it’s. An adjective. Can someone be salty? Yes, the translation? Is it someone hot here it’s. If someone is …, if someone is bitter (, French pun on the pronunciation, amer ( bitter ) sounds like ta mère (, your mother ) is someone is bitter.

Like someone is harsh. Give me an example like. If someone is mad, you can say why? Are you salty right now, So there we go. I proved Lisa that I knew slangs. So the final score is …. 5.5. You won. I won (, ok, ), so there we go.

I proved I knew some slang and we learnt new ones. I hope you learnt new thanks to Lisa. If you meet American people, you can show off by using new words. You learnt let’s. Thank Lisa Thanks Lisa for sharing your American knowledge.

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