The best 20 useful adjectives in English

hello, everybody hi. Welcome to my channel today today’s. Lesson is about adjectives and I’m going to show you teach you 20 different and very useful adjectives. Are you ready? Ok here we go adjectives.

Number one is good yeah good everybody uses good. Today I’m in a very good mood, and sometimes I’m in a very bad mood. Oh, I & # 39. Ve got some good news for you, or I may have some bad news number two important.

Something is important when it is really serious. It’s, a serious matter, a serious subject, an important subject. Well, it’s, important to eat healthy to drink. A lot of water number three is early early.

I get up early on weekdays and, on the contrary, I get up late at the weekend. So early would be something like 6 o’clock 7. O’clock late would be 9, 10, 11. Maybe and say you have an appointment at the doctor’s, for example, you may arrive early or you may run very late if you say oh Jesus, I’m running late or you can say I apologize.

I am sorry for being late before is quiet, quiet is silent and the country is loud when you hear a loud noise, something very noisy, for example, an explosion. It’s, really noise, it’s really loud. Okay, number: five big big big, is big, something big, something huge enormous.

The contrary of big is small. You have a small things and you have big things or you can say large large is really big. Okay, there are synonyms and you may want to use large with clothes, especially you don’t say I have a big t-shirt using a large t-shirt.

Okay, keep this in mind and number six young and old. I have a younger brother and an older brother, okay young, something like I don’t, know: 15 16. Someone is young! 5060! You’re, getting old, you’re, not old though, but you are getting old.

95 years old. Is pretty old now, short short, I have short hair and some people have long hair, okay and you can also be short in size. If you are, I don’t know like 1 meter 25. You are short, ok and the contrary would be tall.

If you are 2 meters 25, you are very tall. I am personally. I am 1 meter. 87. What do you think? Am i tall very tall? I’m, pretty tall, I guess number 8 new. Something new is something that you have just bought.

I have a new, I have a new watch. It’s brand new. Would you like to see it? This is my new watch. I’m gonna show you my new watch. It’s, not very expensive, but it’s. My new. What and what time is it? Hmm? 5:22? So you have a new watch and if you’ve had your watch for 20 years, then you have an old watch.

Number 9. Great great is really cool. Something really nice, music is great. Friends are great families great going to going to a concert. Is a great experience? Number 10 first. The first is number one.

The first letter of the alphabet is a and the last letter of the alphabet is Z, okay, first and last now right or wrong. What is the capital of the USA? Well, Washington DC. Is that’s right? That’s right? It’s.

This is the right answer, if you say New York City. No sorry, it’s, the wrong answer, and sometimes you do something right or you do something wrong, but this time it is morally right or morally wrong.

Hi no.not, hi, hi hi hi hi, is very tall. A high building the Mount Everest is really high and the contrary is low. High and low number 13 different different. You say it different. Well, I wear a different t-shirt every day, a different t-shirt.

On Monday. I have a t-shirt on on Tuesday. I have another t-shirt. A different t-shirt, but the t-shirt can be the same color. If I have a green t-shirt on Monday, I may have a different t-shirt on Tuesday, but it’s, still green okay, it has the same color.

It has a similar color, so different other and the contrary is similar. Yeah number fourteen far-far means a long way. It means very distant. Japan is far from France. It’s far away far. The contrary is near number.

Fifteen easy, simple, simple things: what is simple cooking pasta is simple: it’s very easy, whereas whereas learning Hungarian is very difficult, it’s very tricky. Have you ever tried Hungarian? Who this is very difficult? Number.

16. Interesting interesting. Can you repeat that interesting interesting, I like interesting things in general or interesting persons, interesting is fun, interesting is engaging and the contrary of interesting is boring.

When you’re like on here, he goes again when you listen to someone speaking and the person is very boring. You want to sleep and it’s, not interesting. It’s. Not engaging number 17 is next. The next episode the next day, who’s next, who’s next and the country of the next is the previous.

When you watch series, for example, you always have in the previous episode this all that happened. So next and previous number 18 happy happy and sad, you may have happy memories from your childhood.

Going to a funeral is really sad. Everybody’s crying. You lost someone who not very nice, number 19 kind. A kind person is someone very nice. Sometimes, though you meet mean people mean is not being nice, it’s, being nasty.

It’s being cruel, sometimes, to finish with quick, you have to be quick. You need to hurry. On the contrary, if you do something very slow. Well, you take your time and you don’t want to be in a rush.

You slow things down and everything is nice and steady. Okay, thanks for watching those adjectives were pretty simple, but still very, very useful, so I hope it was useful. I hope you liked it and if so, just leave a thumbs up subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll talk to you later.

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