Apprendre l’Anglais en Ligne: Les idiomes 2/100 Rule out


Hello everyone! Welcome to 100, where we 100
commonly used idioms by English speakers. All of the explanations are in English,
so it might be challenging for you, but just try to imagine the meanings in your head and study hard
and soon you'll be able to use these idioms in your conversations. Is everyone ready? Let's begin. Today's is: rule out. Rule out. Can you imagine what this idiom might mean? Mmm, this is a difficult one. So, do you know the definition of 'rule'? It means something you can or can't do, you make a rule.

So, for example, let's picture a circle and this circle is your rule. In the circle, you can do it
and out of the circle, you can't do it. For example, maybe the rule is: at , you can't chew gum. So, chew gum is out of the circle.
It's ruled out, okay? But, maybe you can drink water. So, the rule is: you can drink water.
It's in the circle, okay? So, let's listen to 2 examples of 'ruled out'. The first one: Are you still going to China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia,
and Canada on your 2 week vacation? No, we ruled out Canada, because that was too far
and we don't have the time to go there.

They ruled out Canada. Ruled out. It's not an option. Okay, let's listen to the second example. How do you feel about eating only healthy food from now on? I guess that rules out going to McDonald's then! Oops! Okay, so ruled out. They can't go to McDonald's. Did you understand? So, 'rule out' means eliminate as an option, yeah.
It's no longer in consideration. So, for example, well, I'm going on a diet,
so that rules out eating cake tonight. Oh no! Okay, so let's try using 'rule out' next time you eliminate an option. That's all for today. See you next time!.

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