hello everybody welcome to les tutos
de , I'm , your English teacher, hopefully (=j'espère) your favorite English
teacher, I have no idea but today today I have a special lesson, yes I do today I'm
going to teach you how to saying (=arrêter de dire) yes no I don't know how are you I'm fine
thank you and you you know all these expressions that people generally use
and well I'd like (=j'aimerais) to change them and I'd like to give you tips (=des conseils) to improve (=pour améliorer) your
English and sound more fluent and authentic and natural so without further
ado (=sans plus attendre) let's dive in okay let's start with yes saying yes um so instead of (=au lieu de ) yes
you can say sure sure no problem, why not (=pourquoi pas) , or even (=ou même) of course (=bien sûr) : do you like do you like rock music? of course I do!
now when you respond to an offer (=une proposition) well you can say imagine someone tells
you what would you like to do to go to the movies (=aller au cinema) I'd love that (=volontiers)
I'd love that or you bet (tu plaisantes/bien sur que oui) you bet now when you agree with someone or with an
offer saying yes just say absolutely absolutely Oh totally totally
definitely definitely now stop saying no no is fine but there are many other ways (=d'autres manières)
of saying no instead of no, you can say oh I'm afraid not (=j'ai bien peur que non)
ah excuse me do you have time I need help?
can you help me? oh I'm afraid not I'm too busy? (=je suis trop occupé) ah do you like spicy food (=nourriture épicée)
mmm not really (=pas vraiment) oh do you prefer Chinese food then oh
definitely not definitely not of course not
when it's obvious (=quand c'est évident) you can say "of course not" and if you really don't want this
you say oh no way (=pas question) would you like to come to the cinema with me? ah no way so there is no way I'm going to the cinema with you this is rude (=malpoli) now number three stop
saying I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know I I don't know I don't
know well why don't you say" I have no idea no idea" I have no idea
can you tell me where the the library (=la bibliothèque) is I have no idea or I don't have a clue I
have no clue can you tell me the way (=m'indiquer la route) to the library please I don't have a clue I
have no clue where the library is okay hmm now number four stop saying how
are you hey how are you how are you I'm fine thank you it's good it's all right
but um, you can change can't you? so instead of how are you you can say how
are you doing, how are you doing, hello how is it going, how are you doing, how's
it going, hello you alright? you alright or are
you alright? hey you alright, you can say hello how
have you been? how how have you been how have you been I've been I've been tired,
I've been busy? Oh maybe what's up (=quoi de neuf) hey what's up? not much (=pas grand chose)
oh how are things hello how are things? how is everything?
hi there how's everything good or maybe you can say hey what's going on? what's
going on? (=quoi de neuf?) hello what's going on I'm good thanks number five stop saying I'm fine
thank you um this is great but you could change
once again (=encore une fois) so instead of I'm fine thank you
you may say I'm good I'm good I'm alright I'm okay I'm great I'm great (=ca va super) I'm very well thank you (=je vais très bien) I'm very well
now number six stop saying "very" so you can use another
adverb like (=comme) really (=vraiment) okay instead of saying very you can say oh
I'm really tired I'm very tired I'm really tired I'm very hungry
I'm really hungry or extremely you can say I'm extremely hungry I'm extremely
tired now let me give you another tip instead of saying very hungry or very
tired you could very well decide to mix those two words into one word for
example very tired I'm very tired I'm exhausted I'm very hungry I'm starving
I'm very cold I'm freezing I'm very happy I'm excited
he is very funny he is hilarious he's
hilarious she is very beautiful she is gorgeous okay so try to use more precise
vocabulary to improve your language okay now number six stop saying what stop
saying what many people say repeat please no never ever say repeat please
bla bla bla bla bla yeah repeat please no this is so rude but you should
probably say can you say that again excuse me can you say that again instead
of what or can you repeat I prefer can you say that again or just
sorry sorry or what was that what was that and when you are very surprised
when you hear something that makes you angry or surprised you say : what did you
just say? what did you just say I beg your pardon you? now you feel really
upset, excuse me excuse m?e and last but not least stop saying goodbye okay
goodbye is great but see there are so many other ways to say goodbye so you
can say bye but I see you later (= à plus tard) I'll see you soon (=à bientôt) or not just see you soon but
I'll I will see you soon I'll see you soon I'll see you around you can say
take care take care (=prends soin de toi) oh I gotta go I gotta go (=je dois filer) I've got to go and when you say
that quickly you say I gotta go oh I'm sorry I gotta go or you can say I'm off (=j'y vais)
I'm off all right what time is it Oh God I'm off I'm off if you think you
will see the person again soon you can say
talk to you later I'll talk to you later have a great day have a great day or
have a great day is quite American if you want to sound more British you would
probably say have a lovely day have a lovely day have a great day have
a lovely day okay thank you so much I hope those tips were helpful I think
it's really important for people who learn English like you to be able to
change the way they speak and it's not so difficult it's just a habit it's just
something that you have to think about okay so practice watch this video again
repeat take notes and try to apply (=appliquer) those tips next time you speak to a person
okay so I'll leave it there for today thank you so much for your attention and
for your kind words and comments and for your thumbs up and for helping spread
the word (=en parler autour de vous) thank you and I'll see you later bye bye everybody Cheers

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