Transportation Song – Vehicle Song – Cars, Boats, Trains, Planes – Kids English Learning


Car car car Beep Beep Sing sing Bus bus bus Beep Beep Sing, sing Taxi taxi taxi Beep Beep Sing, sing Car bus taxi Beep Beep Sing, sing Police car police car Weeoo Weeoo Sing sing Fire engine fire engine Weeoo Weeoo Sing, sing Ambulance, ambulance, Weeoo Weeoo Sing sing, Weeoo Weeoo Sing, sing Boat boat boat, Toot Toot Sing, sing Yacht yacht yacht Toot Toot Sing, sing Ship ship ship Toot, Toot Sing, sing Boat yacht ship Toot Toot Sing, sing, Subway subway Choo Choo Sing, sing, Train train Choo Choo Sing, sing, Airplane airplane English Sing, sing. .

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